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      Thank you for joining TEAM BMFIT!

      I appreciate your support and I promise to do my best to make you more than happy to be a member!

      With the membership you will receive access to the following: 

      -Members only forum!

      -Members only restricted access to blog posts!

      -Emails from BMFIT containing fitness and nutrition tips, articles, and videos!

      You will be receiving exclusive content and information from me. I will be sharing details about my personal life and fitness journey as well as fitness information and tips to help you progress towards your goals! This is all information that I will not be sharing with the general public but only to the exclusive members of TEAM BMFIT.

      To make the most of your membership I encourage you to: 

      -frequent the forums and post your questions as well as any tips that can help others. Either myself or a fellow member will be able to answer your questions! The forum is the meeting place for all of us to get better together!

      -read the blog posts on the landing page of my website. These posts will contain restricted information to members only!

      -read each email that is sent to you for more information and tools that you can use towards your workouts and diet! If you miss an email you can find the content in the blog section.


      I want to thank you for joining and growing with me as I perfect my website and membership feature. I am working hard to generate content for you daily in my blog. I hope to have the forums a very active place very soon as I will be posting on them daily. As the site progresses I will create a section on the website that will categorize the blog posts based on their topic. This should allow you to navigate the content easier and find my articles on the topics of your interest! To top that off I will soon launch a feature where you will be receiving a daily email with information instead of only a couple times per week. All of this information and access will only be available to members of TEAM BMFIT!

      Once again I want to thank all of you for participating and being patient while we get this off the ground! It’s been a crazy last few months with the amount of work that I have put into the backend of the website with the help of a few people on my web team. If you have any ideas on the type of content you would like to see then please post your ideas in this forum! Thank you and let’s continue to get better together!!!



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