Willpower is something that we all have to learn and experience in our lives. Most of the time, we discover willpower by failure. We are tested with something and we fail. That’s when most of us truly understand what willpower truly is.

Some definitions found of willpower on the Internet state that it is the ability to control oneself and apply a strong determination towards something that is difficult. Things that come easy require very little willpower, and things that come easy rarely amount to much. The things that are coveted, and the things that make us feel good about our accomplishments, and ourselves usually don’t come easy. These things take a tremendous amount of willpower to accomplish.

Willpower isn’t only used in the circumstance where one is trying to achieve something great. Willpower is tested when we encounter something that will tempt or test us to be someone or do something that is out of our character and against what we stand for. Our willpower is tested daily in some form or another.

It takes a tremendous amount of willpower to finish school, finish a job, stick to a diet and training program, and often times continue to love friends or family that may have done you wrong. It takes a lot of willpower to ignore those that are trying to tear you down and prevent you from succeeding. It often takes a tremendous amount of willpower to turn the other cheek and forgive somebody, and related to that, it also takes a lot of will power to swallow pride and ask for forgiveness when you know you did somebody wrong. All of these circumstances in life will test your willpower, and sometimes our willpower will not show strong enough.

I mentioned all of those circumstances, because the true measure of willpower is found shortly after a failure. Did your willpower fall short and did you fail at something recently? If you did, will you choose to look for pity and tell yourself that you aren’t strong enough to do something; or will you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward? You will strengthen your willpower every time you fail and choose to move forward!

The true test and measurement of willpower is not found in how many times you fail from lacking willpower, but it is found in how you conduct yourself after the failure. Each failure should only strengthen your willpower moving forward. Each failure should give you more willpower for any future obstacle that may be in your path.

I encourage all of you to look for the things in your daily life that test your willpower. Each test of your willpower gives you the opportunity to fail or succeed. If you can recognize these tests and choose to win the battle with whatever obstacle is testing you, then you will only strengthen your willpower. If you cave and fail, then you are not weakening your willpower, you just simply aren’t getting a stronger will to accomplish your goal. Look for the tests in life; these tests give you the opportunity to strengthen your willpower. Eventually your willpower will grow so strong that problems now will look like simple issues in the future!

We can all grow as people no matter our age and life experience. But we won’t grow without effort. Remember that, and choose to work hard no matter how many failures it will take you before you finally succeed.

Thank you all very much for the love and support! Let’s get better together!