At the time of writing this article, I am currently finishing up a new website for BMFIT, building Zoo Culture Gym and getting ready for the grand opening, building a website for Zoo Culture, maintaining everything with BMFIT, continuing to focus on making good content for you guys that follow my social media, and making sure to give time to family, friends, and my dogs! I just want to point out that this is one of the most stressful times of my life!

It’s times like these where I learn a lot about myself, about life, and about what really matters. I wanted to write this article about stress because I feel that a lot of people can relate to it, and that it might help somebody who is going through a stressful situation.

Stress comes from a lot of things. We might be stressed about a relationship, about a job, about deadlines and work within a job, about finances, about school, and really about anything! Stress comes in a variety of forms! We all know what it feels like to be stressed out, and there isn’t a single person that enjoys it. So what can we do about it besides accept it and suffer?

The first thing, that I think is the most important to do, is to identify the cause of what is stressing you out. It’s very hard to fix the problem if you don’t know what it is. Now when you do this, don’t dwell on it or further stress about it. Just identify it. If you’re stressed from work or school then just say it. THIS PROJECT IS STRESSING ME OUT!!! It’s ok to admit it. You can then identify what part of that specific thing is stressing you out the most and then you can work to fix it!

The second thing that I want you to do is remember that you are in control. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE! It may not feel like it, but you have the power and ability to fix anything that is stressing you out. You are giving that thing the power to stress you out, and you also have the power to take it away. Let the stress then motivate you to get things done and do them well, but don’t let the stress consume you or else you will just find yourself miserable and you will make those around you feel the same way.

Now that you’ve identified the causes of your stress, and you believe that you can fix it, then I want you to organize yourself and start working on your stressors one at a time. Start with the simple ones that are easier to fix. I often find that stress comes from having too many little things to do instead of having just a couple big things to do. If you can get rid of all of the little causes of stress, then it’s a lot easier to focus on the bigger problems!

This brings me to the quote that inspired this article,


“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.”

-David Allen


If you’ve been assigned a project for school, or you’ve been tasked with a project at work, or you have bills piling up. These are all things that you have started that haven’t been finished. The second that a school or work project is assigned is the second that you’ve technically started working on it. This is true even if you haven’t actually done anything about completing it yet. You’re thinking about it, you know it’s due at some point, the clock is ticking, and it has started! The same can be said about bills that you don’t have enough money to pay. I’ve been there!! The truth is that when you used whatever service caused the bill, you’ve started that bill. So finish your projects for work and school as fast as you can and to the best of your ability. When they are completed you will no longer stress! If you can’t pay your bills then ask for extensions and focus on either saving more money to pay them or making more money with your job (or a second or third job)!

The truth is that something will only continue to stress you for as long as it sitting there on your mind and incomplete. Once you complete it then the stress goes away! So you need to identify the cause of your stress and make a list if you have to. You need to then try and eliminate as many small causes of stress as possible. After that, you need to make a plan on how you will complete the big projects that are causing the most stress.

My websites are almost done and the gym is almost open. If I dwell on the stress then I will not be productive and I will continue to be stressed. If I can figure out what is stressing me out, then I can get it fixed and finished so that I can move forward. Above all, I know that all of this is in my control and I can find a way to get the job done and eliminate my stress. I believe that you can too!!

Let’s get better together!