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The SQUAD membership gives you access to a variety of tools, forums, and library with all of Bradley Martyn's blog posts! All of the tools contain plans that you can follow as is, but the main purpose of them is to provide you with information so that you can modify and adjust the sample plan in order to make your very own custom plan! ***The Clean Bulking Tools, Strength Training Plan Tool, Forums, and Video Library are not currently available, but are COMING SOON!!! Please contact customer support with any questions.

  • Commit to a better YOU™
  • EXCLUSIVE access to all Blog posts
  • All about MACROS Tool
  • Male and Female Fat loss Meal Plan Tools
  • Male and Female Fat Loss Training Plan Tools
  • Male and Female Clean Bulking Meal Plan Tools (Coming Soon!)
  • Male and Female Clean Bulking Training Plan Tools (Coming Soon!)
  • Unisex Strength Training Plan Tool (Coming Soon!)
  • EXCLUSIVE access to online forums (Coming Soon!)
  • Video Exercise Library (Coming Soon!)


5.0 / 5
I can not wait! May 20, 2017
I can not wait! I aLready kno how Amazing This will be! Yess Brad!soo proud Of you!aLwayz LM.
Amazing May 02, 2017
These plans are literally amazing! I got some good gains with all of them - Yes Brad!